July 21, 2016

What next?

Sam Smith - With the Republicans nominating a megalomaniacal fraud who is  probably the worst presidential candidate in history and the Democrats about to nominate one of the most controversial ones who is also so weak that she can hardly break out of a tie in the popular vote - it is hard to know what to do next.

The media hasn't helped, treating this all as normal when in fact it is the most bizarre presidential contest we have ever had. And the Democrats refuse to even consider someone with a better chance of beating Trump.

So, once again, it is left up to us. Here's a suggestion of how the sane, the honest, the decent, and the reasonable can try to regain control of our political system:
  • Form a very public alliance of labor unions, blacks, latinos and the Berniesque young. This alliance would initially work to defeat Trump. A key element in this would be to press issues that benefit not just the aforementioned but also the white working class that liberals have ignored for over three decades. Trump gets away with deceiving white working class voters in no small part because liberals have done so little for them.
  • By emphasizing the need to dump Trump, this alliance can avoid Clinton issues while moving the Democratic Party (and her if elected) to the left. Further, it can bring back policy rather than personality based politics. Trump aside, the GOP platform would essentially destroy over 80 years of political progress. The media has taught us that politics is just an Apprentice  show and now we are seeing the results. It's time to get back to policies.
  • After Clinton wins, the new alliance defines its goals as those of the real Democratic Party and immediately begins to press for legislation that fits and oppose that which doesn't. Given the aid the alliance gave Clinton, she may move favorably on some issues. When she doesn't the alliance declares itself the real Democrats and fights the fight. 
This strategy avoids having to deal with the various personal liabilities of Clinton by putting cause and party ahead of personality.

Will it work? Consider that all of Clinton's money and Wall Street speeches have still left her in a tie with the worst major party nominee in history. A campaign of issues that helps ordinary Americans, regardless of ethnicity, has a long history of success. It helped build the New Deal and Great Society and it could build a new movement just waiting for its natural parts to come together.

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