July 27, 2016

Trump sends more business abroad

Rep. Brad Sherman - When Nixon wanted DNC files he sent American burglars to the Watergate Building. Donald Trump wants to outsource his burglary jobs to Russian hackers.


Anonymous said...

This is the most idiotic and bizarre attempt at diversion yet by the Dems: Accuse Trump of treason for trying to get the Russians to hack something that has already likely been hacked and can't anymore because the serve is now non-operational!

Trump is again as clever as a fox: bring this issue up during their convention to steal their thunder and then have the partisans try to throw him into the briar patch.

1. If the deleted emails (that Hillary and her team deleted in violation of law) were just personal information, love letters from Bill(!), yoga meetings, etc.) there IS no national security issue - is there?

2. It puts the issue of her deletion of emails (really obstruction of justice) back in the public eye during her convention.

3. It makes the Dems look like absolute idiots to accuse Trump of treason or collusion with Russia for something that SHE did by her own dangerous and reckless behavior.

I think TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) is reaching its critical stage. She is diving in the polls and heads are exploding!

Anonymous said...

Re: Anon @ July 28, 2016 at 4:04 PM

OK, technically, Rep. Brad Sherman's statement might only be valid if The Donald would have Paid (or in other ways compensated/incentivized/renumerated/bribed/etc) Russian Hackers for providing Hillary's e-mails.


In practical terms, The Donald could have stated his somewhat Funny comment differently. Something like: “If Russia has indeed intercepted my friend Hillary's e-mails, America would appreciate any help in retrieving them, as it seems she has lost them.”
This, would be Diplomatic, as it doesn't actually accuse anybody of anything. And, it is not indicating that The Donald / Republican Party is conniving for their own personal gain, or retribution.

Big But.

You have to admit Rep. Brad Sherman's statement is Funny.