July 23, 2016

There she goes again

Sam Smith - Hillary Clinton's selection of Tim Kaine for veep is not as bad on voting record grounds as some have suggested. For example he got 90% approval by Americans for Democratic Action in their last accounting compared to 95% for Bernie Sanders. On the other hand he is as bad as Clinton on a key issue - TPP - and his selection shows no consideration towards the significant Bernie wing of the party. Clinbton and the DNC - joined bytheir media puppies - consider the Bernie crowd an annoyance rather than a constituency, when it is in reality the voice of a generation that will only get louder as the older crowd continues to fade.

Clinton's veep choice is another non-ideological sign of a problem she has. Although liberals in denial refuse to admit it, she's not a particularly good politician. To be in a statistical tie with someone has crazy and sick as Donald Trump is not a product of fate but of failure.

My theory is that her husband grew up in a corrupt family and culture, including a mother who hung out at race tracks with mobsters. From a young age he learned how to lie and fool people, to play it tough, and to work the system. Hillary Clinton married into Clintonism from a Methodist  family in the suburbans of Chicago. She had to learn corruption from her husband and never did it all that well.

It's seems too late for the Democrats to recover some sanity and find another choice. But if so, Clinton still needs to be elected for the Bernie revolution to continue in full swing. Elect her and then, taking advantage of her chronic political incompetence, become the force that determines the Democratic future.


Anonymous said...

Kaine pick just proves Bernie's point from a few months back that Clinton lacks the judgement to be President. Selecting Sanders would have done the most good to actually defeat Trump in November. But she could have also selected someone like Warren, Sherrod Brown, Jeff Merkley, Tom Perez. Neoliberal ideology apparently more important to preserve at all costs - even at the risk of a Trump presidency.

Real chance of major disruption and disunity in Philly next week now.

Anonymous said...

We Progressives will not vote for HRC. The TPP is too important. We will weather 4 years of Trump and meanwhile eradicate the corporate Demoncrats and replace them. Tulsi Gabbard 2020.

Tom Puckett said...

After the news about the DNC actively throwing the primary for Clinton and the Kaine pick, how can Progressives, or anyone who values honor, demean themselves with a Clinton vote?

Bernie himself said Clinton won fair and square but that's in need of a second thought.

Is the DNC being sued to revoke SuperDelegates? Let's see what happens this week.

Cheers, Tom

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Sam. I voted for a Clinton once and it didn't turn out so well. And, as shown conclusively by eight years of Obama, there's no such animal as 'pressuring once in office.'

Anonymous said...

My worry is HRC is a war monger-cheque out her history (Iraq and Libya +)

If we select what he's said, he won't get us into war w/for example Iran and won't support Saudi Arabia's wars. And, maybe -I pray, stop the cold war w/Russia.

At least one respected former official thinks we're more in danger of nuclear war than at any time.