July 15, 2016

Morning Line

Based on the average of recent polls:

Nationally, Hillary Clinton is in a satistical tie with Trump,lagging by two points, her worst yet. At 40% this is her worst total and  she is 10 points below her best lead so far. 

Clinton is leading with 186 of the needed 270 electoral votes, down 76 from her best. Further, the Democrats might pick up 93 more electoral votes. Only 89 electoral votes are definitely in the Trump column. Another 60 are leaning his way.

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Anonymous said...

As most everywhere else, Sam, you continue to ignore the fact that other alternatives do exist, alternatives that had they even a modicum of due press coverage and exposure would likely fare quite well in public polling. However, as matters currently stand the Forth Estate remains derelict in fulfilling their civic function and social obligations. Through theirs, and your, collective silence they become complicit in what might rightly be considered criminal neglect. And with this neglect, you've ceased being a journalist and have morphed into a tawdry polemicist of stature worthy of FOX News.

These notions of 'strategic voting' that motivate your editorial decisions are at the very root of that which now plagues our political system. Concepts of 'lesser evilism' only serve to shift the political spectrum further to the right with each election cycle. Our only political salvation resides in the solid conviction that a democracy can only be successful when people vote from their heart.
There is ancient wisdom to support this assertion:
"IN keeping the spirit and the vital soul together,
Are you able to maintain their perfect harmony?
In gathering your vital energy to attain suppleness,
Have you reached the state of a new-bom babe?
In washing and clearing your inner vision,
Have you purified it of all dross?
In loving your people and governing your state,
Are you able to dispense with cleverness?"---Lao Tzu