July 14, 2016

Israel's voice of decency

Eric Alterman, Nation


Writing in the most recent issue of Foreign Affairs, Aluf Benn, editor in chief of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, surveys the Israeli landscape and concludes that recent transformations are rendering “the largely secular and progressive version of Israel that once captured the world’s imagination” obsolete. Benn notes that “Israel was always in some ways a fantasy,” though one with foundations in reality. Today, however, “that reality has changed, and the country that has replaced it is profoundly different from the one its founders imagined almost 70 years ago.”

I recently spent 10 days in Israel, where I spoke with Benn about the current state of the country as well as that of Haaretz—which New Yorker editor David Remnick, in a lengthy 2011 article, termed “easily the most liberal newspaper in Israel and arguably [its] most important liberal institution.” Though Haaretz is often compared to The New York Times in terms of its stature, the analogy worked only when the center of Israeli society was secular and socialist. Today it is neither, and Haaretz represents an increasingly beleaguered opposition that is both Jewish and democratic in a country that is now Jewish if you’re an Arab and democratic if you’re a Jew. ....



Anonymous said...

"Jewish if you’re an Arab and democratic if you’re a Jew."

What about the Jewish Arabs? Oh, that's right, the Arabs
killed them all.

Anonymous said...

It astounds me that anyone thinks we will ever have another election if hilary takes office. She is the next president and she will give away the freedom this country has fought for by signing treaties and declaring martial law when everyone gets hungry. For our own good she will do this.
I feel the biggest flaw most americans fail to notice is the lack of choice.
When you bog your thinking with labels you limit your perception. I would get rid of parties. They only get in the way of accomplishing goals.
I think those in washington suffer the most of using labels. I recommend experimenting using no labels and viewing them as people. There is absolutely no way anyone would not recognize the evil hilary is if you are looking.
I would not have ever dreamed we would be presented with the evil clinton against trump. I have never liked trump as in years of dislike. I have been scared of hilary since she appeared. This is the two we are given to choose.
Thats what you should latch onto is the lack of choice and that means we are being led to slaughter.