July 18, 2016

Great moments wiht Donald Trump

Washington Post

CBS's Lesley Stahl asked Donald Trump if he would send troops to the Middle East to fight the Islamic State. From there, the conversation shifted to the war in Iraq — and the vote Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, the presumptive vice presidential candidate, cast in support of it while he was serving in the House. In fact, Pence spoke in favor of the war from the floor of the House in 2002.

DONALD TRUMP: Now look, we are going to get rid of [the Islamic State], big league. And we're going to get rid of 'em fast. And we're going to use surrounding states. We're going to use NATO, probably. And we're going to declare war. It is war. When the World Trade Center comes tumbling down, with thousands of people being killed, people are still— I have friends that are still—

LESLEY STAHL: But we did go to war, if you remember. We went to Iraq.

TRUMP: Yeah, you went to Iraq, but that was handled so badly. And that was a war, by the way, that was a war that we shouldn't have entered because Iraq did not knock down—excuse me...

STAHL: Your running mate—

TRUMP: Iraq did not—

STAHL: —voted for it.

TRUMP: I don't care.

STAHL: What do you mean you don't care that he voted for?

TRUMP: It's a long time ago. And he voted that way and they were also misled. A lot of information was given to people...

STAHL: But you’ve harped on this.

TRUMP: But I was against the war in Iraq from the beginning.

STAHL: Yeah, but you’ve used that vote of Hillary's that was the same as Governor Pence as the example of her bad judgment.

TRUMP: Many people have, and frankly, I'm one of the few that was right on Iraq.

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