June 27, 2016


 Rowan Wayan Simon's photo.

Rowan Wayan Simon  - These aren't Syrians, Libyans or Africans; they are Europeans trying to get to North Africa during the last world war. So, next time you think of closing the borders you might want to check with your grandparents.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent post, as we are seeing the prelude to WW III and the indicators of such are mounting and becoming more and more prevalent. The looming prospect of a great war should have been, and ought to be now, the dominant campaign issue, but it is not. Remember the 1992 campaign between Bush the Elder and Slick? Yugoslavia was in flames, the Balkans on the whole were simmering and at the time the issue escaped attention. The parallels to now are striking, only now there is much more at stake. Just as Bill Clinton squandered the so-called 'peace dividends' expected after the Soviet Union's collapse in pursuit of imperial expansion, so too, can Hillary be counted on to do much the same in efforts to conclude what was begun under her husband, Slick. We are living in dangerous and volatile times.