June 17, 2016

Word: Charlie Sheen on Donald Trump

London Telegraph

Charlie Sheen - I'm really not a fan. I was once in a restaurant with my then wife Brooke and he came up to me to say that he would like to give me a wedding gift. "He took off his cuff links, told me they were solid platinum and diamonds and insisted I have them. Six months later, I was having some jewellery appraised and remembered the cuff links. When the jeweler took a look she recoiled and said, 'In their finest moment, they were cheap pewter and bad zirconia.' They had 'Trump' stamped on them. I think that says a lot about the man.


Anonymous said...

Six months later, I was pawning some jewelry and the broker recoiled... So much for an eight-ball that night--- Bruno doesn't accept American Express, it's like he always says, "no cash, no stash."
Blood of the TIGER, baby! Wanna meet my goddesses?

Anonymous said...

Now the challenge is to determine which Charlie Sheen account of the cuff link story is the truth which is fantasy, or are both merely hallucinatory flash-backs?
Hear say evidence submitted by one Charlie Sheen, does it get any shakier?
Sam, you're really scratching the bottom now.
It is starting to get entertaining, however. Nothing like a few laughs to distract the attention before the nukes start dropping like crazy.
I never imagined I would live to see times such as these.

Anonymous said...

I would be shocked... SHOCKED... if a pawn broker looked at an item, and claimed it to be of lesser value than expected.