June 22, 2016

Trump University: Claimed to teach how to profit from foreclosures


Internal documents show how Trump University offered advice on how to profit off the "Great Recession" that peaked in 2008 and caused housing prices to plummet.
The specific opportunity Trump University was tempting Phoenix-area people with in those 2008 sessions: how to make money off of those foreclosures that were spiking at record levels in 2008, after the collapse of the housing market and the subprime loan system that had artificially puffed it up. "This one class, how to profit from foreclosures, will get you started on the clearest, sure-fire, money-making opportunity available in a long, long time."

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Anonymous said...

I just love this - the Left complains that his school is bogus and a fraud with one breath - and then at the same times decries it for effectively teaching legitimate ways to profit in real estate and take advantage of the way things are in the world we have to live in.