June 16, 2016

Trump also hates coffee and the French

According to a Guardian review of the documents about Trump the Russians got a hold of from the Democratic Party files, it wasn't really worth the effort. The only things interesting were these:
  • The dossier reveals that Trump told Diane Sawyer in 1999: “I’ve never had a cup of coffee in my life.” The real estate developer though does consume caffeine. Trump added, “Well, caffeine is caffeine. Look, I’m not knocking coffee. I’m not putting it into the same breath, but I just have chosen not to.”
  • In 1999, Trump described France as “the worst partner this country has ever had”. He went on to accuse the French government of contributing to nuclear proliferation, alleging: “They’ll sell a nuclear weapon to anybody giving them 10 cents more than the next guy” and said “they have to be taught respect”.

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xilii said...

So he hates French press coffee twice?