June 9, 2016

Still time to ditch Clinton

The last three polls in Pennsylvania have Hillary Clinton in a virtual tie with Trump - a one point lead - in a state Obama won by five points. Another sign that Democrats and the media aren't talking about, namely Clinton's real political weakness even before the GOP launches its full attack.

With enough super delegates to take away Clinton's majority, the party has the opportunity to work out a deal before it's too late. One suggestion: Clinton and Sanders both drop out to be replaced by either Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren. Sanders would get major changes in the party platform and Clinton would be promised a Supreme Court seat.

Suddenly the race would change from the lesser of two evils to a rotten Trump vs a rare politician with a positive voter rating.

Sure, it won't happen, but remember, as things go truly crazy, that it could have.


Anonymous said...

I shudder at the idea of Clinton on the Supreme Court. HRC should be in prison, not on the bench, nor in the oval office.

Anonymous said...

As frightening as talk suggesting a Barry appointment.
Imagine that court ruling on some legal challenge originating from issues derived from TPP/TTIP/TISA?

Anonymous said...

From your keyboard to god's ears.