June 17, 2016

Notes from the Texas GOP platform

Houston Press

The Republicans say that "homosexuality must not be presented as an acceptable alternative lifestyle, in public policy, nor should family be redefined to include homosexual couples." Therefore, it wants to take away their right to marriage by overturning the U.S. Supreme Court case that granted it nationwide, and wants to make sure that anyone in Texas who seeks to discriminate against gay people won't face any consequences. The platform also seeks to ensure there are no restrictions on "counseling and therapy" to designed to "change" someone's sexual orientation.

As for transgender people, you guessed it: Texas Republicans want to police bathrooms by preventing transgender people from using the restroom that best fits their gender identity, which is generally affirmed by a court of law. Republican leadership is so committed to this goal, in fact, that Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said he would be willing to flush more than $3 billion in federal education funding down the toilet just so he could ignore President Barack Obama's directive to school districts not to discriminate against transgender students by denying them access to the right bathroom.

Support for discrimination doesn't end with the LGBTQ community. In order to defeat terrorism, the Republican Party would like to support the "reasonable use of profiling," though "reasonable" is never defined. It would also like to call on all government agencies to sever ties with "all radical Islamic organizations, such as the Council on American Islamic Relations."


Anonymous said...

Ever notice all of the elaborate ornamentation and fringey frilly stuff cowboy outfits have? And what about the kerchiefs and high-heeled boots---with even more razzle-dazzle?
Makes one wonder if it is just a little bit possible that the real issue for Texans is that they're actually in a profound condition of denial, failing to come to terms with acknowledging and accepting their true inner beings?
All that macho overcompensation, obsession with manly stuff...
Why is it they're so fond of saying 'Kiss my ass'?
Does it not raise some suspicions?
Pretty classic pathology.
It just may be that Texas is in one big closet and they're afeared to admit it

greg gerritt said...

Responding to Anonymous. I had not thought of it that way, but it definitely gives you something to smile at and ponder.