June 9, 2016

News Notes

New York City has issued its regulations on how employers, retailers, and other businesses covered by discrimination law must handle gender identity. “The NYCHRL requires [businesses] to use an individual’s preferred [pronoun] …such as they/them/theirs or ze/hir.”

Helen Chavez, wife of Cesar Chavez, dies at 88

Pleased to note that one issue on which Sanders and Clinton agree is DC statehood, a cause your editor kicked off with an article 46 years ago

A Florida poll finds that Biden has a +26% approval rating compared with Clinton's -6%

89% highly support birth control


Anonymous said...

Unless they are Mennonites, in which case they strive to crank out as many babies as is possible. That is why Mennonite communities have an annual population increase of between 5%-6%, which means their communities double in size approximately every twelve years. As they often choose to live in what should be considered environmentally sensitive areas, their exploding populations impose severe environmental pressures, often culminating in ecocide. They are a significant driving force in global deforestation, aquifer depletion, and expanding desertification.
As if this weren't enough, they are assertive in imposing their 'moral' choices upon others. Lest folks have forgotten, Mennonites were co-plaintiffs in the infamous Hobby Lobby challenge against the ACA provisions granting choice alternatives to insurees.

Anonymous said...

Same stuff is happening north of the border:

Population doubling every twelve to fifteen years places enormous pressures on the environment. What's happening in the Chaco is replicated world wide wherever they reside, including the United States: