June 7, 2016

News Notes

Even as prominent Democrats admonish the Vermont senator, U.S. adults who identify as Democrats or lean toward that party continue to have a broadly positive view of Sanders. Plus, he continues to be significantly more popular than Hillary Clinton. Sanders' current net favorable rating among Democrats (+52) outpaces Clinton's (+39) by 13 points. This is significantly different from early May, when Clinton's and Sanders' images among Democrats came close to parity.

Upgrading Washington Metro's subway station names as well their tracks

Hillary Clinton wore a $12,495 Armani jacket during a speech about inequality

People's Summit soon in Chicago

A study published this month in the journal “Science” explains that juvenile perch larvae appear to be eating microplastics in place of their usual food sources, like free-swimming zooplankton. This hinders fish development, leaving them more susceptible to predators.

Bilderberg bullies meet again

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