June 27, 2016

Clasical music sales plummet

Slipped Disc

Fewer classical records were sold than at any time since records were kept.

For the first time, no release sold as many as 100 copies in the entire USA – that’s CD sales and downloads combined.

Of the enfeebled remainder, the top three consisted of two albums of monkish chant and one of Yo Yo Ma.


Anonymous said...

If you're a true audiophile, the quality of most download formats is not acceptable. If one is accustomed to listening to 'classical music'---the term is painful for a musician to use as it is so misleading and actually descriptive of nothing in particular, but we digress---those accustomed to classical musical are likely to possess trained and cultivated ears, sensitive to nuance and timbre often lacking in the inferior download formats.

As regards physical CD's it is a problem of distribution and access, that is is to say in most areas there's no place to buy them. Music stores, as once existed, are no longer around. For most of America, about the only place to buy CD's is at the local Walmart---enough said, right there.

Too, we're realizing the impact of a generation having arrived at maturation, whose education of budget cuts, STEP, and a poverty of exposure to humanities, has rendered capacity for appreciation of higher and sophisticated creation unformed.
Thank you Lewis Powell.

Anonymous said...

You should explore musopen.org, a non-profit organization creating and making available Free, unrestricted classical recordings and sheet music.