June 8, 2016

Biden talks the way Democrats used to

The Hill

Vice President Biden on Wednesday said Bernie Sanders should decide for himself when to end his presidential campaign.

Biden batted away a question from a reporter who asked him whether the Vermont senator should drop out now and throw his support behind Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

"I think that's his call," Biden said, according to CNN.

"It's clear we know who the nominee is going to be,” he told reporters outside the Senate chamber. “I think we should be a little graceful and give him the opportunity to decide on his own."

Biden is expected to help broker peace between Clinton and Sanders and foster party unity ahead of the Democratic National Convention in July.

Biden’s comments are designed to allow Sanders the time and space to decide the future of his campaign. They also avoid provoking Sanders’s army of supporters, which Democrats will need in order to prevail in November’s general election.

The vice president stayed neutral in the race between Clinton and Sanders after deciding not to run himself last September.

He has often praised the Sanders's energetic style and focus on income inequality. 


Kevin Carson said...

He's also at least as big a hawk as Hillary, and carries water (very enthusiastically) for the Proprietary Content interests at Disney/RIAA/MPAA/MAFIAA. He actually supervised -- from Disney headquarters -- a raid in which dozens of website domains were seized without due process of law.

Anonymous said...

Hillary trying to finesse the Sanders electorate will be as convincing as Roger Goodell on head injuries.

The primaries are over. Now pissed-off Millenials can really raise
cain. Smug liberal Boomers, fake feminists, and the DNC have had it coming for decades. Here's to it.

greg gerritt said...

I was wearing my Jil Stein button at a public event. A conversation started and the person said hew as a Sanders guy but that he had heard Jill on some show and was VERY impressed. I said, consider a plan B. Lots of Sanders folks already have.