June 17, 2016

13 months of global warming records


Fresh out of the oven that was a warm start to the year, global temperatures are on a roll: For the 13th consecutive month, the globe was record warm in May — the longest such stretch in 137 years of record-keeping.

May 2016 broke last year’s record for the warmest May on record for the globe by 0.04 degrees F, according to scientists from NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information.

The seasonal temperature (March–May) for the globe was the highest for this period on record, surpassing the previous record set in 2015 by 0.40 degrees F. On a longer timeframe, the year-to-date (January–May) temperature across global land and ocean surfaces also broke a new record, besting 2015 by 0.43 degrees F.

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greg gerritt said...

Like many of you I have conversations with flat out deniers, My argumentative self attracts that sort of thing. Others who persist in conversation. I keep hoping that facts like the above would eventualy lead to actual learning. But alas. I am sure many of us have theories as to why climate denial is persistent.

It is so interesting that in a nation built on science and technolgy, as well as genocide, slavery, and outright theft can have evolved such an anti knowledge community. They use politics, money, and religion to reenforce their message and allow them to destroy. Shows up in political bu dgets as well. They would rather build prisons than schools. People with an education and ability to learn are dangerous in a society in which the few want to keep their control, and the educated can see through the lies. No more state U, just private U, so only therich need apply.