May 20, 2016

Tips for the Clinton campaign staff

Your candidate is about the only one in history who thinks that all those who are not on her side are "haters." But you can prefer a Ford without hating a Chevy. Try something less excruciatingly self-centered term like opponent or critic. 

Introduce your candidate to words like you, we and they. They sound much less self-centered than using the word "I" several times in every other sentence. 


Anonymous said...

We tend to be in agreement with Hillary on this one.

Anonymous said...

The Supreme Court doesn't hold up for reasons we've repeated all too many times here in the past. Once again, the decisions of the Court won't matter when we are in the midsts of a Nuclear Winter.
Your kind of compromising only got the nation deeper into the mess we have. Time to vote for something, time to vote based of some sense of moral obligation, time to vote for Dr Stein