May 6, 2016

The real Donald Trump

A guide to Trump's biggest lies

Thirty law suits that reveal the real Donald Trump

Trump's corporate rap sheet

Trump's corporate rap sheet

How Trump has tried (and succeeded) to avoid taxes

Trump's Mafia linked business pal comes to the fore

Trump uses foreign workers for his beach club

Trump declares war against First Amendment

Via Jim Angel
Trump sums himself up
"I really don’t even know what I mean, because that was a long time ago, and who knows what was in my head.” - Donald Trump, in an interview with NBC News, when asked about a 2002 Howard Stern interview in which he voiced support for the Iraq War. - Political Wire

196 people Trump has insulted and what he has said about them

3 in 4 young black Americans say they’d feel like fleeing the country if Donald Trump is elected

Federal judge rules Trump involved in ripping off union workers

The real Donald Trump

Why Trump is not to be trusted with nuclear weapons


Trump urges collective punishment - a war crime under Geneva Convention

75% of Trump's claims are lies

When the Trump firm blocked black renters

Let's be fair: Trump doesn't hate all Muslims

Trump would deny full citizenship to Muslims

Donald Trump wants to shut down some mosques

Donald Trump thinks your wages are too high

How the immigration policy Trump praised actually worked

Donald Trump has filed for business bankruptcy four times

The vicious Donald Trump

Trump not only wants the White House, he may want your house too

Trump provided homes for for some nasty people

Trump, the high school bully

Why Trump needs therapy not votes

Trump hasn't voted in a primary since 1989

NY Attorney General says Trump U defrauded 600 students

Trump talks (and thinks) like a third grader

Great moments with Donald Trump

Trump likes waterboarding

Who Trump wants in his government

Donald Trump's dumbest remarks

Trump even bought his audience


Anonymous said...

Well, Sam, no getting around it, we're pretty much fucked, aren't we?

You can go on at length delineating Trump's negative attributes, and yes, there is much with which to be appalled. Be that as it may, we remain unconvinced that Donald is a bigger asshole Clinton. The fact remains that all we can do for certain is speculate the damage Donald may or may not do. With Hillary, we a track record and it is frightening as hell. Again, to reiterate a point raised many other times on this blog, when in office Hillary is near dead certain to sign TTIP, TPP, & TISA, and with that so will the last vestiges of US domestic sovereignty be written off.
It's not going to matter what future Supreme Court appointments are made, for with that signing the Court becomes nullified and now secondary to the whims and decisions of some external arbitration panel.
All standing domestic laws and statutes deemed antagonistic to transnational corporate interest can, and likely will be nullified or repealed.
As if this is not enough, Hillary's penchant for military intervention as means of conflict resolution brings the inevitability of WW III ever closer. Hers will be a seamless transition into office with little or no interruption of Obama's attempted assertion of global military hegemony. The NATO build ups in the Balkans, expansion of AFRICOM, the China Pivot, Latin America, shall forge onward exasperating tensions an international ill will directed at US.

greg gerritt said...

Vote Jill Stein for Presidnet Green Party


The socialist are making their ultimate mover to corrupt america. You need to do this now