May 2, 2016

The GOP against the rest of us

Missouri lawmakers passed a budget week that spends millions in state money to block Planned Parenthood from accessing federal funding. The plan puts Missouri alongside at least a dozen other states in a national effort to strip public money from the country’s largest abortion provider. The federal government says states don’t have the authority to steer Medicaid funding away from Planned Parenthood, and courts have blocked some of those efforts. But Missouri’s budget writers say eliminating federal dollars from women’s health programs means federal restrictions no longer apply

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Anonymous said...

And, as usual, Missouri Democrats are sitting on their asses, loath to put up anything other than tepid opposition.
For the most part the Democratic Party has abandoned the state of Missouri. The only constituency Missouri Democrats recognize is that composed of the likes of Cargill, Boeing, Monsanto, Fonterra, et al. They are, therefore, mostly indistinguishable from Republicans. On social issues they remain fearful and, again, unassertive, lacking any evidence indicating courage of conviction. The Missouri statehouse is awash in corruption affecting both parties. It extends to the national delegation which stands as an embarrassment as it overtly panders the whims of lobbyists to the detriment of the disenfranchised populace.
Strange you should happen upon this one particular item. For those in the 'Show Me State' this is business as usual, only one of what seems a daily assault and insult to reason, dignity, and common sense.