May 22, 2016

Sanders making platform central

The Hill

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said  he will fight for a platform that “recognizes the reality” that the Democratic Party “stands for working families, not Wall Street.”

“I know the media doesn't talk about it too much, but the middle class of this country has been in decline for 30-plus years, and the gap between the very, very rich and everybody else is getting wider. We have a corrupt campaign finance system, which allows billionaires to buy elections. We are going to fight for an agenda in the Democratic platform that recognizes that reality,” he added.

Do people in Philadelphia, going to Philadelphia or any place else in America, have the right to demonstrate, have the right to express their concerns?” he asked. “I thought that that was what the First Amendment of the Constitution was about? Freedom of expression, freedom of speech.”

Sanders on supporting Clinton as nominee: 'Totally dependent' on her platform."

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