May 19, 2016

Oklahoma legislature passes bill to criminalize abortion procedures


The Oklahoma state legislature has passed a bill that would criminalize abortion procedures in the state. According to the language of the bill, anyone who is found to have performed an abortion -- except in instances to save the life of the mother -- will be found guilty of a felony and can receive up to three years in prison. The bill now is on its way to Gov. Mary Fallin, a Republican, for final approval. .

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Anonymous said...

Clearly the intentions with this are to attempt to knock down Roe v Wade, as well as assert primacy of states rights through a Supreme Court challenge. Certainly as the federal law now stands, this Oklahoma legislation is in violation of the Constitution. One imagines that if the defense can establish a compelling enough case arguing the merits of the Roe decision weren't sufficient to justify the encroachment upon Oklahoma's rights to self determination, this court just might find grounds to reverse Roe v Wade.