May 24, 2016

News Notes

The New York Times announced  that it would join The Associated Press in lowercasing the name of the global network known as the Internet. The changes will take effect at both news outlets on June 1 (which explains the incongruity of “Internet” being capitalized throughout this article).

Monsanto rejects $62bn offer from Bayer  

An important part of Hillary Clinton's problem is what happens to her popularity when she is front and center. Last August she had  61% approval rating among Democrats and their leaners. By April it had dropped to 36%.

A Gallup survey finds some groups important to Democrats are among those not following the campaign very closely. Here are the percent that say they are:
  • 26% of those 18 to 29
  • 32% of those 30 to 49
  • 31% of those with a high school education or less
  • 27% of nonwhites
  • 35% of moderats. 

When Trump was a little nicer

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Anonymous said...

Monsanto holds out for the bigger offer. Quoting the BBC piece, "The deal comes amid considerable consolidation in the agricultural sector.
ChemChina plans to buy Syngenta for $43bn after the Swiss-based company rejected a bid from Monsanto, while Dow Chemical and DuPont are forming a $130bn business."

If eventually completed that'll consolidate that sector to about three international entities, so where's the alarms concerning antitrust? Notice, not a fucking word about it from any of the established presidential candidates. Their silence shouts, as goes the ancient maxim, "Silence gives consent." Et tu, Bernie?