May 20, 2016

Morning Line

Based on the average of recent polls:
  • Hillary Clinton is 6 points ahead of Trump, Sanders would beat Trump Sanders would beat Trump by 6
  • Clinton leads Sanders by 9 points nationally. Her closest lead: 3
  • In electoral votes, Democrats have 170 firm or leaning towards the party, the GOP has 80.

1 comment:

Dave Richardson said...

The Real Clear Politics average has Trump up by a minuscule 0.2%. This is a huge gain for Trump. I don't understand where the Hillary +6% comes from.

Looking forward, Clinton will have a much better ground game, but Trump has momentum. In addition, we're getting to the time when polls become unreliable as people become lees and less willing to admit to strangers that they like this strange guy Trump.

Forecast: Trump in a landslide.