May 6, 2016

London elects Muslim mayor

Daily Beast

Sadiq Khan was elected Mayor of London on Friday, making him the most powerful Muslim politician in the Western world.

He won a resounding victory in the capital despite a hostile campaign by Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative Party, which attempted to link the South Londoner to terrorism and extremists.

Claims that Khan could not be trusted to protect London’s 8.5 million inhabitants backfired spectacularly, with senior Conservatives admitting that the divisive campaign drove voters away from the party. London elects Muslim mayor


Anonymous said...

Sir Toby Belch hoisted a pint with the Mayor after losing at darts. Cameron was mistaken to be an intruding burglar and was wounded by a sword but kept this a secret until Khan discovered missing his fabulous jewelry collection received from marauding in Constantinople. Khan and Cameron resolved to travel to Algiers together to free the Bishop of Glastonbury from slavery.Upon their return they met two sisters in the woods who were revealed to be their wives who had found the jewels where Glastonbury had hidden them inside a smithy.

Leslie Armstrong said...

Good for London! Now if the US would just elect Bernie! Hopefully, this is a sign that the people of the world are tired of the status quo, perpetual war, environmental devastation, racism and propaganda.