May 16, 2016

H Clinton will name her husband to foul up the economy some more


During a speech in Kentucky Sunday she referred to "my husband, who I will put in charge of revitalizing the economy 'cause he knows what he's doing."

During Clinton's eight years as president, the U.S. economy added more than 22 million jobs. That's slightly more jobs than were added during the combined 22-year tenure of the four most recent Republican presidents.

But there are critics on both the right and the left who argued that Clinton's policies laid the groundwork for the economic problems that were to follow.

Many regulations were eliminated during Clinton's administration that had previously prevented commercial banks from moving into investment banking and insurance, which had been the turf of Wall Street firms. Some critics have blamed the loss of those protections with the financial market's meltdown and the need to bailout banks that occurred in 2008.

The North American Free Trade Agreement, which lowered trade barriers with Mexico and Canada, was signed into law early in the Clinton administration. China and the U.S. also signed a trade accord in 1999 which led to China joining the World Trade Organization. Those moves led to dramatic increases in imports from Mexico and China, which critics have argued cost U.S. workers their jobs.

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Anonymous said...

As the cacophonous drone of 22 million voices incanting "will have fries with that?" continues to resonate to this day.