May 10, 2016

Four party race puts Trump and Clinton in statistical tie

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On May 10, Public Policy Polling released this general election poll for president, including the Libertarian and Green likely nominees. The results: with Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee, Clinton 42%, Trump 38%, Gary Johnson 4%, Jill Stein 2%, other or undecided 13%. With Bernie Sanders as the Democratic nominee, Sanders 47%, Trump 37%, Johnson 3%, Stein 1%, other or undecided 12%.

PS: As in 2000, the Green Party could easily end up being blamed for the election of the Republican - TPR


Anonymous said...

The fallacy of the blame the Greens trope is that it makes the assumption that those voters would have otherwise voted for the aggrieved loser.
2000 was Gore's race to lose, and he did.
He pathetically avoided any statement that might be construed as a position. That his was to be more of the same was manifest. For some voters more of the same would be unconscionable to support, and so it was Ralph or nothing.
Madam Slick has a similar problem and there is no way some, in particular this voter, will ever cast a vote for her.

Dave A said...

You mean a made-up excuse for being a corporate party.

KZeese said...

The polls show that the blame is the Democrats for nominating a corporatist who represents Wall Street rather than a populist who represents the people. I say -- let's take the blame and this time not respond in fear (as was done with Nader) but with power and tell them -- 'if you keep nominating lousy candidates who do not represent us and who will take us to war, you will keep losing elections.' That is how third parties have forced change in this mirage democracy throughout its history. I say -- go for the blame, spoil their corrupt elections. Lesser evilism has gotten the United States the two most disliked nominees in history, voters need to stop falling for it. Hillary Clinton is a pretty low bar for a lesser evil.

Anonymous said...

You do get around. Have been seeing your posts in quite a few places. Let it be said that you're doing some remarkable work and we hold your insights and analysis in high regard.
Anyone who hasn't seen it, ought to check out the Chris Hedges interview with Kevin Zeese discussing TPP, TTIP, & TISA on Hedge's broadcast, Days of Revolt.
The following site posts both a transcript of the interview and the You Tube video of the broadcast.

Anonymous said...

Believe I may have neglected to include the link to the Kevin Zeese interview, just I case here it is: