May 10, 2016

Five Solomon islands lost to sea rise


As climate change worsens around the world, its effects are increasingly being observed. One notable effect has been the disappearance of five Solomon Islands in the West Pacific due to rising sea levels. According to a new study published in Environmental Research Letters, five vegetated reef islands have vanished, while six additional islands are “experiencing severe shoreline recession.” In two instances, fishing communities have been relocated because of shoreline erosion. “

The Solomon Islands is home to around 560,000 people across nearly a thousand islands, and many are being forced onto reef islands or to higher elevations instead of being on flat land adjacent to the coast. Taro, the capital of Choiseul Province, is preparing to relocate residents and services, while a village in northern Choiseul has seen over half of its houses have been washed into the ocean.

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Anonymous said...

Let's have a round of applause for Frank Luntz, who softened our cooking planet emergency with the misdirection of "climate change."

- I'm gonna climate change some soup for lunch.
- I hope no firefighters were injured in that climate changing building.
- George Clooney/that Latina weather girl sure are climate change.