May 6, 2016

Donald Trump vs. Indians

Counter Current News 

The year was 1993, and Donald Trump had his sights set on Native Americans, because their casino was destroying his Atlantic City casino, as the most popular in the United States.

While he was giving testimony before the Congressional Subcommittee on Native American Affairs, Trump tore into the Pequot Indian Nation – members of which had been protesting against his attacks on their casinos – arguing that they must not be legitimate Native Americans because they didn’t look like the racial stereotypes he imagined.

“They don’t look like Indians to me and they don’t look like Indians to Indians,” he griped.

Trump went on to accuse Native Americans of working with the Mafia. He argued that “it will be the biggest scandal since Al Capone and it will destroy the gambling industry.”

He added that “it’s obvious that organized crime is rampant on the Indian reservations.”

His remarks were so incendiary that the FBI actually had to issue a statement saying that they found no such evidence that any Indian casinos ever had mob ties.

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Anonymous said...

Trump wore a mask at all times and shot a pistol with silver bullets, also the name of his horse. In a shootout at the casino he removed the claim jumpers who asserted title to the land as a race from Andromeda visting for the past several billion years. Trump rode off never to return although his lawyers still have the claim in litigation.