May 22, 2016

Campaign damage control

Surviving the worst election in American history

Sam Smith -  The most masochistic issue being pushed by Democrats is gun control. For one thing it's not a particularly effective solution. Gun deaths reflect culture more than ownership, which is why folks in Bernie Sanders' Vermont don't kill each other as often as they do in heavily gun regulated cities. Further, as Science 20 noted, "There is a paradox when it comes to guns in America. In states like California, gun ownership has doubled in the last 15 years while murder rates dropped substantially in that time. Today,almost one in three US adults owns at least one gun, and owners are more likely to be white married men over the age of 55, hardly a high crime demographic."

But regardless of the arguments, election year is a god awful time to raise them. Even nearly two thirds of independents think you're safer with a gun in your house. Not to mention 41% of Democrats who you're trying to keep from staying home.

With a likely candidate who over half of Americans don't like, there are far better things to talk about than gun control.

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Sylvia Valls said...

"White married men over the age of 55, hardly a high crime demographic"... is a very biased statement: They are just the ones who get away with murder!!