May 20, 2016

Campaign damage control

Tips  for surviving what appears to be the worst presidential campaign in American history

A better way of looking at it

I do not plan to vote for Hillary Clinton. But I want to vote for a decent Supreme Court, a more liberal Senate, the preservation of Social Security, Medicare and food stamps and other products of a time when Democrats were actually progressive. If that means I have to include Hillary Clinton on my ballot, so be it.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, right. As if any judge selected by Hillary is likely to do anything to impede the corporate coup or find against any transnational usurpation of sovereignty and rights.
That's a good one---thanks for the morning laugh.

Anonymous said...

Exactly my thoughts Hilary is not just more of the same but far worse than her predecesors.

LarryC said...

I agree with the other posts. You're not getting an improvement over Trump with another Clinton. There is an alternative; Bernie Sanders. He's not perfect, but he's the closest to a president that might represent the people's will. Trump will do what Trump wants; so will the Clinton's, so those are not alternatives. If there is no other alternative, let the country have what it deserves. Give it to Trump and let him break things...American workers and citizens are being broken by burdensome taxes, low wages, invasion of personal privacy by the feds, prison corporatizing for profit, and the list goes on. So let the whole thing crash, and with it the Clinton's and Bush's and celebrity rich of the world.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Bubba already had a go at the social safety net and Obama was willing to cut deals on Social Security and Medicare if the stupid racist Republicans weren't d termined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Each time it was a DLC president siding with congressional republicans and a few turncoats. Better to make the remaining Dems stand unified against Trump. We might have a better shot at self preservation.