May 27, 2016

Campaign curiosities

Sam Smith - After covering corrupt politicians for over fifty years, I have only run into two whose stories, at least according to liberals, you're not meant to tell: Bill & Hillary Clinton. I long attributed this to factors such as poor press coverage of what actually happened, a lack of understanding of how a drug infested state like Arkansas really works, and the misapprehension that the Clintons were actually liberals. But lately a simpler explanation has occurred to me: they both went to Yale and Bill went to Oxford. Once someone from Arkansas is admitted into the liberal establishment you get full protection, with the possible exception of major hedge fund fraud. It becomes like not letting anyone know your grandma is into cocaine.

Another thought to consider: never before have the two leading candidates for president gained so much money in such questionable ways including gambling at casinos and overpaid speeches for Wall Street. And while we can be pretty sure how this will evolve for Clinton, it remains uncertain how having had Trump Entertainment Resorts and its predecessors file four times for bankruptcy protection might affect White House thinking about our budget and other governmental decisions,

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