May 1, 2016

Bus with sliding food prices

Take Part - When a kid visits Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital in St. Louis for their annual well-child checkup, doctors will ask questions that ascertain the child’s level of hunger at home. If food security is found to be an issue, there will be a solution in the form of a bus standing by in the parking lot come mid-May. The doctor will write the patient a prescription for fruits and vegetables that will serve as a coupon aboard MetroMarket, a mini full-service grocery store on wheels parked outside.

“We’re treating food like medicine, because it very much is,” said Jeremy Goss, a Saint Louis University medical student and one of the founders of MetroMarket...

But by offering the same grocery store on wheels to high-paying corporate customers as to the high-needs food insecure, MetroMarket can provide high-quality food to anyone who wants it—and at a deep discount to those who need it most.

MetroMarket got off the ground with grants and donations, but it’s corporate customers that will keep it going.

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