May 29, 2016

A way out of this mess

We have previously suggested that a Biden-Warren ticket might be a good way out of the Democrat's current crisis, one of the problems being is that no matter whether Clinton or Sanders were to get the nomination, many opposing Dems would stay home in November.

Interestingly, the conservative National Review mentioned this possibility as well, which led us to consider the unresolved problem of what one would do with Clinton and Sanders. Our best solution: Biden promises Clinton a Supreme Court seat and Sanders gets a Nobel Peace Prize for saving the world from a Trump presidency. To be sure, you need the Senate's approval of a new Supreme Court justice but since Clinton believes she will get anything she wants, that shouldn't be a problem.

Just a suggestion.


Anonymous said...

I don't think Biden would be any better than hilclin and maybe even worse. The party machine will veto Warren for the number 2 spot because of who the governor will replace her with. I feel that whoever wins it will be a one term admin, we are due for one. If clinton can't beat trump then the dems need to dissolve and go the way of the whigs, I will accept zero blame for voting for hope instead of fear by voting 3rd party.

Anonymous said...

Remember the essential pass that Biden gave Thomas during his senate nomination hearings? Well, remember? If there ever there has been a justice more completely unworthy of his appointment to the high court, please name him.
Ridin' With Biden, I'm about to become violently.

What's happens should Bernie suggest his amry investigate Dr Jill Stein, and urge that after having done so simply follow their hearts come November? Just askin'.

Anonymous said...

Hilary Clinton on the Supreme Court? You must be joking. It would be madness let that one woman crime wave near the bench.

Sanders would beat Trump easily, Clinton would quite likely lose to Trump, it's only corruption, fraud and lies that have kept Clinton the "frontrunner".

Anonymous said...

I think we must rid our politics of Clintons and Clintonism. In Chris Hitchens' "No One Left to Lie To" he points our the Norman Podhoretz, of all people, praised the Clintons for ridding the Dems of "McGovernism." Well, it's back with a vengeance in the form of the Sanders campaign. The Hilbots once again want to snuff the left. They do so at their own peril. Bernie has over 10 million voters endorsing him. Biden and Warren have never gained that many on the national stage. It looks to me like Bernie has the best chance of beating Trump.

Anonymous said...

How about we put Hilary in prison and throw away the key.
I find your suggestion disgusting. Didn't the ambassador get raped right before being killed? Have you any idea of the crimes she is guilty of? Of course you do and that is what I find so offensive.
You act like she is better than Trump who I dislike as much as anyone but any person would be better than Hilary.
She is the most corrupt politician/lawyer ever and you know it.
Your support of corruption and more of the same bullshit has really changed my view of you and this site. It undermines every other thing you have written or said. I don't pretend to be anything I am not but you seem to with your support of a known criminal enterprise. I wonder how you can overlook all the stuff you know the clintons are guilty of and then say supreme court justice.
How about the thought of bill being her finance director even though he repealed the glass-seigel or whatever it was called(bank deregulation) or their ties to the cia and the drug cartels? The fact is we have never had a more corrupt politician run for president and not only do you endorse her but throw out her name for the supreme court. You are dishonest to your self or just foolish and I have come to this site for many years. Everything you have written is undermined by your support for this criminal. You should be screaming for her incarceration but instead suggest the second worst thing no one else has even thought of. Private prisons rather than paying pensions coupled with new stricter laws targeting blacks with mandatory sentences to fill the private prisons, I do not have to tell you the degree of guilt she bears or that she belongs in prison the rest of her life. You have no argument for any of this if you were honest and good. I am a moron with a high school education and I see what your missing. You argued against ron paul for Obama and now more of the same rather than voting for Bernie (a good person)vs Hilary (the worst person). You seem to be stupid or corrupted by washington either way your not as smart as you think.
Bet this will not be published.

Anonymous said...

Clinton's support is weak. Her hardcore backers are just 1%ers - Dems don't need their support to beat Trump. Let's just all go to Philly and make sure Senator Sanders is the nominee.

It's okay if the media attacks - even more of mandate for a progressive agenda if Sanders wins in November despite all the institutional attacks.

DC Reade said...

1) A Biden nomination is not going to happen. It's cloud castle speculation.

2) I'm fine with Sanders continuing his campaign to California, and even to the convention. But I think that the system will work as designed by institutional Democrats, which means that Hillary Clinton will most likely be the nominee.

3) If Hillary Clinton becomes the nominee, Sanders supporters should do what Sanders has said he will do: support Clinton for president. Between Clinton and Trump, Clinton needs to win.

My reasoning on this is entirely pragmatic: If Clinton wins, the disaffected Democrats, the American left, and left-leaning independents can easily combine with the Republicans to keep her worst tendencies- militarism, social neo-conservatism- in check. Undoubtedly. Hillary Clinton does not have a large popular base of diehard loyalist supporters. The American people will have her administration on a very tight leash, perhaps to an extent never before seen in American history.

However, if Trump wins, the left won't be able to count on any sizable number of Republicans or right-leaning independents to form a similar coalition to oppose his bad ideas. You're looking at a person who has practically explicitly stated that he intends to govern as a personalist autocrat. The stakes are too high to risk that possibility.

I've voted 3rd party in presidential elections before, and can attest to the futility of the gesture. 3rd party voting will remain irrelevant until we get ranked-choice voting, period.

DC Reade

Anonymous said...

I hope I never know what the hell a personalist autocrat is.
I think anyone using such a phrase is ridiculous if they are trying to be heard or make a valid point.
It is a lot like saying democrat, republican or any such term it needs meaning and in politics only money or fear matter.