April 15, 2016

Why Trump isn't qualified to be president

Donald Trump repeatedly cites his business experience as a reason he deserves support for his candidacy. In fact, it is a strong argument against such support as it shows that Trump doesn't understand the difference between a customer and a citizen. The customer's prime role is to make a profit for those who control a business while a government's role is to serve its citizens. Trump's experience has taught him how to take advantage of citizens, not to work on their behalf. - Sam Smith

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Anonymous said...

Sam, this is not a zero-sum equation. That he has skills are undeniable. He has also demonstrated intelligence and creativity in overcoming obstacles, not to mention ability to negotiate and make successful agreements. We need a new approach with passion, creativity and someone not controlled by the elite special interests that have led us to our current state.

None of these attributes would preclude him from being able to work with Congress to actually make some beneficial things happen for the country.

For those who argue that he only serves his best interests and no one else's I would argue that his business holdings are primarily here in the U.S. as is his family. He is not part of the Wall Street and global elite who have abandoned this country.

How better way to protect your holdings and legacy than to ensure the success of your country? He has stated his intention to run for president as long as 30 years ago. I don't believe this comes from a place of selfishness but from a real desire to benefit the country that has been good to him and his family.

Those who ascribe negative and evil motives on his part are projecting on to him in my opinion and playing into the media stereotype against him. He no doubt is running in large part due to his ego. However, that passion and drive can be useful - especially since he has repeatedly stated his desire to focus on rebuilding this country's infrastructure and economy through higher-paying manufacturing jobs, less foreign entanglements and wars, and ending the monopolized health care system and drastically reducing costs - which is really the key issue of our time. Applying anti-trust actions against the medical industry and shrinking the role of the insurance industry would be highly effective. Our medical costs are inflated by about 80% and subsidizing that through the government will only delay the date of reckoning.