April 4, 2016

Trump attacks Kasich for daring to stay in the race

USA Today - Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said that rival candidate John Kasich should get out of the race because he is taking delegates away from Trump and has no chance of winning the GOP nomination.

"He's taking my votes," Trump told reporters at a Milwaukee diner, according to the Associated Press. .. Trump said he made the same complaint to the Republican National Committee. Trump met with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus last week. Priebus is not calling on anyone to get out of the race.

Kasich's campaign spokesman said the same argument could be made for Trump or Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas to leave the race since it is possible that neither one of them may garner the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the nomination before the July GOP convention in Cleveland.

"Since he (Trump) thinks it's such a good idea, we look forward to Trump dropping out before the convention," quipped Kasich spokesman Chris Schrimpf.

Kasich is betting on a brokered convention to give him an unlikely win in the three-man race for the Republican nomination. If none of the three candidates have enough delegates to win the nomination on the first ballot at the convention, then delegates can essentially switch to whomever they want on subsequent ballots.

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