April 23, 2016

The GOP vs. the rest of us: Climate change

Ben Carson saw no evidence of climate change while in California

Guardian - Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has stated that he doesn’t believe in the science behind global warming. In a forum hosted by Freedom Partners, a key cog in the political network of the Koch Brothers, the Texas senator stated that “the data and facts don’t support” that global warming is occurring. The moderator of the forum described Cruz’s stance as “full out denial”. The Texas senator did not disagree with that characterization. Cruz has previously compared those who believe in global warming to “flat-Earthers.”

Just a few days before Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) became the first official candidate for president in the 2016 election, he introduced a bill which, if enacted, would repeal all federal climate change regulation in the United States.

Out of 107 current Republican Senate candidates, only 1 says on their official website that climate change is real


UPI - The Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted mostly along party lines Thursday to approve an amendment to the $600 billion National Defense Authorization Act which prohibits the Pentagon from using any of its budget to address climate change and specifically instructs the Department of Defense to ignore the latest scientific reports on the threats posed by global warming.

Republicans are only major party in world's democracies to dispute climate change

Newt Gingrich says he would eliminate EPA

A 53%-majority of Republicans say there is no solid evidence the earth is warming. Among Tea Party Republicans, fully 70% say there is no evidence.

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