April 21, 2016

The GOP vs. the rest of us: budgets

Rand Paul would repeal the estate and gift taxes, individual capital gains and dividend taxes, and the Alternative Minimum Tax. In place of the existing individual and corporate income taxes, he would implement a version of the flat tax proposal originated by Robert Hall and Alvin Rabushka: a flat tax on wages, and another flat percent tax on the corporations - Vox

Paul's recent budgets called for a 20% decrease in money for the Center for Disease Control, National Institutes for Health, Geological Survey and the FDA. Other proposed Paul cuts:

25% for NASA
26% for Health & Human Services
29% for Environmental Protection Agency
30% for National Park Service
49% for Transportation Department and Agriculture Department
62% for National Science Foundation
71% for State Department
78% for Interior Department

Not to mention the elimination of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Government Printing Office, Department of Energy, and K-12 education funding.

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