April 27, 2016

News Notes

Trump gets outwierded by Carly Fiorina

What about those "boots on the ground" that weren't going to Syria?

The charitable plutocracy: Today’s multi-billionaires are a different species of philanthropist; they keep tight control over their foundations while also operating as major political funders.

Stevens Elementary fifth-graders in Seattle and their parents staged a “camp-in” outside their school to protest the cancellation of their much-anticipated camping field trip, which was planned for early May. But parents received a letter this week saying the trip to Camp Orkila in the San Juan Islands wouldn’t happen because of an issue with paperwork. The students, who have heard about “This is a symptom of a larger administrative failure,” said parent Heather Timm as kids chanted, “What do we want? Camp! When do we want it? Now!”

heliofloat 1 
Researchers at the Vienna University of Technology have developed floating solar platforms meant for any body of water including the ocean, are lightweight and flexible enough to bob with the waves while remaining steady on the surface, even in rough weather.

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