April 17, 2016

Maine could be first with statewide ranked choice voting

Fair Vote - Maine has a long history of independent thinkers in local, state, and national offices. The state also has a large number of independent voters that have elected governors, U.S. senators, and state legislatures from a variety of parties. Maine has had multi-candidate races for governor, with only one of the last five races won with more than 50% of the vote.

Ranked choice voting was first introduced in 2011 to Maine voters in Portland. A citizen-led grassroots organization is now spearheading efforts to promote majority winners in statewide elections using ranked choice voting.

Maine electoral reformers delivered over 70,000 signatures, mostly gathered by volunteers, to the Maine Secretary of State in Augusta. The Committee for Ranked Choice Voting, a grassroots group of Maine citizens, has garnered broad support from across the political spectrum, all with a singular focus: uphold majority rule and give voters a stronger voice in elections.

The signatures move the citizens initiative for ranked choice voting (RCV, also called instant runoff voting) a big step closer to being on the ballot in November 2016.

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