April 29, 2016

Anti-Trump riot in California

LA Times - Hundreds of demonstrators filled the street outside the Orange County amphitheater where Donald Trump held a rally Thursday night, stomping on cars, hurling rocks at motorists and forcefully declaring their opposition to the Republican presidential candidate.

Traffic came to a halt as a boisterous crowd walked in the roadway, some waving American and Mexican flags. Protesters smashed a window on at least one police cruiser, punctured the tires of a police sport utility vehicle, and at one point tried to flip a police car.

About five police cars were damaged in total, police said, adding that some will require thousands of dollars' worth of repairs.


Anonymous said...

Appears there's enough antagonism being generated by all quarters, not just those solely affiliated with Trump. Not so sure those objecting to what they view as Trump's racism did their side any favors with this Costa Mesa episode. More than anything, this event will serve to validate the distorted perceptions held by the extremists of both sides.
In short, they're feeding into escalation of yet more violence to come.

Anonymous said...

As one who lives here in So Cal, I can tell you that the thousands of pro-Trump people who couldn't get in to the oversold rally were upset they couldn't get in but relatively calm in stark contrast to the hundreds of unhinged anti-Trump lunatics who were full of venom and hate waving Mexican flags and destroying police property.

But this doesn't fit the media narrative that Trump supporters are uneducated racist thugs full of hatred. The reality is just the opposite. The Anti-Trumps as a whole are the most irrational and ignorant political group I've ever seen. For the most part they can't even give a complete sentence of what they're protesting. They just want to shut speech down and threaten violence. And worse, they feel completely justified in their actions.

commando said...

It's going to be a very violent summer. Not looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Elites and their media have been shutting down the out of the loop candidates for a very long time. However this is getting harder to do as the left and right are getting more radical, signs of the republic (no matter if fascist, socialist, communist, capitalist, or some other "ist", etc) is getting more and more unstable. Strong men either left or right wing eventually get in power of failed states, failed republics in reality in most cases but polite on the payroll intellectuals never say this truth.

Anonymous said...

The thought of any Republican or Hillary becoming President sickens me.

Anonymous said...

Trump seems oblivious to how threatening his hate speech is to the people he is targeting. It's no surprise that Trump is drawing riots. Trump's sexist, classist, and bigoted rhetoric has only enraged people who feel attacked. Some of those people have reached their breaking point, and have no other response left to them, except rioting.