April 7, 2016

2016 Electoral vote; Close but still Democratic

Comparing our running poll averages with the results of the 2012 election we found five states that could prove a problem to the Democrats: Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri. Together they have 48 electoral votes. If the Democrats were to lose them, but the rest of the states voted as they did in 2012 (which seems to be the case so far) the final electoral vote would be 284 for the Demcrats and 254 for the Republicans.

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Anonymous said...

When was the last time Democrats lost Minnesota? Nixon in 1972. Minnesota gave Rubio his delegates. If Ventura runs it is unlikely enough to throw Minnesota off since he takes votes from both sides. The notion that Minnesota would turn red is like hearing that your dentist defected to North Korea. Minnesota stands alone as the only state to stay Democratic ever since Nixon. That it's name would show up on a list questioning its loyalty is reverse McCarthyism.