March 19, 2016

What the Muslim vet booted from a Trump rally and told to "get a job" does for a living

Occupy Democrats - A Muslim-American Navy veteran was forcibly ejected from a Trump rally – his crime was holding up a sign saying “Stop Hate Speech Against Muslims!”

Reported by National Affairs Correspondent for The Nation and MSNBC political analyst Joan Walsh, she said they also yelled “get a job” at him.

Nate Terani served his country for over ten years as the Special Assistant to the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy, was a member of the Presidential Honor Guard, and worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency before hanging up his uniform in 2006.

After he served his country, he dedicated his life to the men and women he served with. He is the Veterans Coordinator at an Arizona nonprofit called Soldier’s Best Friend, which provides and trains service and therapeutic dogs to our warriors who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or a traumatic brain injury.


ItHasAlwaysHappenedHere said...

you're playing the same twisted, brainwashed, counterproductive, blame-shame zero-sum-game.

job = good / winner / productive

no job = bad / loser / unproductive

and equally as disturbing and revealing, you're implying that working for the empire's storm troopers is somehow a higher calling than run-of-the-mill capitalist indentured servitude.

disgusting and repulsive all around.

Anonymous said...

Re: 'ItHasAlwaysHappenedHere'