March 15, 2016

Trump's plan would take health insurance away from 21 million

The Hill - A new analysis reports that Donald Trump’s healthcare plan would result in about 21 million people losing health insurance and cost about $270 billion over 10 years.

Trump’s plan calls for fully repealing ObamaCare, which the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office  projects would lead to 22 million people losing health insurance. The CRFB, using previous CBO estimates of the component parts, finds that Trump’s replacement would only add coverage for about 1 million people.


Anonymous said...

health insurance is not health care...high premiums and high deductibles seem like an insurance subsidy to me

Anonymous said...

Trump's plan would lower health costs across the board. That is much better than providing phony insurance policies where most people can't afford the deductibles.

Transparency in pricing and elimination of the pharma's blockade of cheaper imported drugs are key points.

A lot of the healthcare industry simply violates the Sherman Act and gives them a monopoly that wouldn't be legal in any other industry - its just enabled by a bought-off government in collusion.

Best thing is that Trump can enforce a lot of his plan WITHOUT the lobbyist controlled congress.

Anonymous said...

Do you have an Obamacare policy? I did. The only people who think this program is swell are the people who don't have it. It's worthless. If we are not going to have single payer, Trump's deregulation and competition would be far better. I'm sick of people who should know better defending this useless piece of crap. It's bankrupting the middle class and actually causing more people not to seek health care. It's nothing more than a corrupt, cynical scam to push peoples' money to insurers.

Nishant Mehta said...

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