March 14, 2016

Trump lied or exaggerated about five dozen times in one week

Alternet - GOP frontrunner Donald Trump accelerated just about everything last week. He amped up his violent rhetoric and his denials that his rhetoric has anything to do with the violence at his rallies (or violence against people of color in his name in general)... Notably, he also lied about being a "truthful" man, "maybe truthful to a fault," he whined at a North Carolina rally.

Don't worry, Donald. You're not too truthful. You're not at all truthful, actually. Politico decided to do a little fact-check on the Trumpster's statements over the course of the week, the kind of vetting magazines at least try to do with their articles, and found this startling number: "More than five dozen statements deemed mischaracterizations, exaggerations, or simply false." Politico politely called these "misstatements." We're not sure why, since that connotes that they were somehow accidental. Trump "misstates" things on purpose, consistent with his true identity as a salesman, to put it charitably, or con artist as people like Marco Rubio have pointed out.

Distortions from the mouth of Trump include statements about the imminent death of Christianity, the outright lie that he is not taking money from donors and exaggerations of his business success. And those are the relatively harmless ones.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone is missing the point about Trump (and Sanders as well).

People are fed up.

And neither of the two parties is even admitting the problem much less talking about reform.

They are totally clueless.

And that means it is going to get a lot worse before it gets batter.