March 16, 2016

Trump campaign bans another reporter

Politico - Politico reporter Ben Schreckinger was denied entry to Donald Trump's press conference on Tuesday night, despite having previously been granted credentials by the campaign. The move followed a threat last week from Trump officials to exclude Politico reporters from campaign events.

On Tuesday morning, Schreckinger, who has covered the campaign regularly for more than six months, received an email granting him credentials for Trump's speech and press conference at his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida that evening. But less than 10 minutes later, another email arrived saying those same credentials were denied. Upon arriving at Trump's private club, he was denied entry and escorted off of the property.

Schreckinger, whose latest story on Trump campaign was a report on concerns about campaign manager Corey Lewandowski's temperament and behavior, never received an explanation as to why his credentials have been denied. Neither Lewandowski nor Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks responded to requests for comment.

Politico is far from alone among media organizations being denied entry to Trump events. The Des Moines Register, Univision, Fusion, The Huffington Post, National Review, Mother Jones and BuzzFeed have all been denied credentials to Trump's events, often after publishing critical stories about the campaign. In January, New York Times reporter Trip Gabriel was ejected from an event in Iowa after writing about Trump's weak ground game in the state, which he eventually lost to Ted Cruz.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when a political party evolves to a Fascist one. Like a corporation, there is no desire for transparency and no ethic except greed.

No, wait... Greed and Fear. Yup, fear that people of different religions and 'races' might lessen their strangle-hold on money and power.

Oh, and don't forget Hate. Maybe the best 'unifying' force of all. This alone possibly describes the drive away from a 'democratic' society. This alone might unify all those who have struggled (successfully) to avoid taxes in their upper incomes, and lost their job under Republican led 'Libertarian anti-regulation / deficit spending / trickle down / free-trade economics ethos. And both these groups (Filthy Rich and Dirt Poor) can unite in Hate for minorities, gays, other religions (or atheists), and even just other white people who were economically and politically disadvantaged. There's really no limit for it.

Our political parties have evolved from being led by idealists, blow-hard buffoons, lawyers, businessmen, and now...

Are we following some kind of preordained, unavoidable course where, like Europe in the 1930s, after good economic times slowed, we have come to desire the mindless rantings of a 'bully'.