March 18, 2016

Personal to Morning Joe

The issue is not - contrary to your segment this morning - about trade, something in which America has engaged in from the start, but about trade agreements. Trade agreements have come to give international corporations the power to overrule or ignore our Constitution and our other laws. If these agreement gave the same rights to a foreign country rather than to corporations we would consider those responsible for the agreement to be traitors.


Anonymous said...

And know one thing, the three ominous agreements now pending are as good as signed should Hillary get elected.
She'll waffle about now, nuance her words, say anything to validate the expectations of whatever particular audience to which she is speaking at the time, but, in the end the deals will be done. Clintons are accomplished at pulling off that sort of chicanery. Test the theory, review campaign statements about NAFTA from of old Slick during the 1992 campaign. Remeber, it all just depends on what your definition of what is, is.

wellbasically said...

good point

Anonymous said...

Trump has been right on trade for 30 years!