March 24, 2016

GOP race to the bottom: Rudy Giuliani

Salon -Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani appeared on The O’Reilly Factor Wednesday evening to complain about other politicians attending baseball games and accuse Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton of being “a founding member of ISIS.”

Giuliani, who apparently believes no one remembers that his response to the attacks on 9/11 involved attending as many Mets and Yankees games as was humanly possible, began by accusing President Barack Obama of insufficiently “stand[ing] with Europe” by spending an entire three innings at Tuesday’s exhibition game between the Cuban national team and the Tampa Bay Rays.

“What he did yesterday embarrassed me as an America[n],” a pribbling Giuliani said. “To rally our forces against ISIS, you have to come back to the White House and not leave until you have a plan.”

He chose this moment to level a novel accusation against Clinton, claiming that she “help create ISIS [and] could be considered a founding member.” Giuliani’s logic, such as it is, consisted of the fact that “she was part of an administration that withdrew from Iraq and did not intervene in Syria at the proper time.”


Anonymous said...

Barry only stayed for two innings.
Talk about insults, where did he think he was, Dodger Stadium?---only in LA, and Dodger Stadium in particular, can one be in attendance of an on-going head to head perfect game going into seven innings and watch the box seat sections slowly empty as 'fans' dissolve into the parking lots in the mass ritual effort of beating the post game traffic.
Let's hope Barry had a better excuse.

Anonymous said...

Hillary and Obama are absolutely complicit in the rise of ISIS. The "Arab Spring" strategy was designed to remake the middle east in an image shaped by the west. It has been funded by the Gulf States, mainly Saudi Arabia and Qutar - but the direction has been from Israel and The US. Follow the money as Tricky Dick one said.

Weapons were run from Libya to Syria and this was reported widely outside the US, which lives in a virtual media blackout. Benghazi was a grand backdrop to this whole sordid affair and the strange unsolved events there are largely a cover story designed to deflect from the entire issue of arming Al Queda and ISIS in Syria to overthrow Assad.

Granted this vacuum could not have occurred without the Bush invasion of Iraq, but Hillary's paws are all over this. If Trump is careful in his attack on her (and include her fiasco in Honduras which led in great degree to the huge influx in child refugees from there in the last few years), he can mop the floor with her with her own failed record.