March 9, 2016

Furthermore. . .

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll indicates one third of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders' supporters cannot see themselves voting for Hillary Clinton in November.


Caro said...

Then they'll be shooting themselves (and all the rest of us) in the foot.

Good job, "progressives". My-way-or-the-highway has proven so successful that it deserves emulation.

True progressives will work as hard as they can to get other progressives to the polls in November to elect as many progressives to Congress as possible. That's what will help the next president to promote a progressive agenda.

Anonymous said...

The us elites sure are losing control as per this presidential election cycle. If they can't have their GOP man they will try to get in the fall woman Clinton , that will be hard to pull off(in truth every one hates her as per the original plan). At this point their only real hope is to get rid of Clinton and put in a likable Democrat to defeat trump. IF the elites have any brains and ability to change plans--this is what they will do, but they are so loathing to have a Democrat as president again at this time. The elites are really scared as they losing control of all their prostitute republics. In europe huge divide and rule games(immigrants that no one wants) are going to blow up eroupe as well social/economic/political failures.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Caro. You 'liberals' can go ahead and shoot yourselves in the foot. Hillary is a terrible candidate. We need to pull things back away from the right wing cliff that both parties have been screaming towards at slightly different speeds.

Sure, things under Hillary will be fine for rich white ladies. But there are other people who aren't you who have their own reasons for voting. Maybe you could learn about those reasons before scolding them? Or is listening not your strong suit?

And by the way, my-way-or-the-highway has gotten the right wing almost everything they have wanted over the last thirty years. Compromising with those psychos has gotten our side a steady diet of nothing. Maybe it really is time to stop being so pathetic as to accept candidates like Clinton?

Caro said...

Hey Anonymous, congratulations on your courage for giving us your real name.

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