March 21, 2016

Furthermore. . . .

According to Intercept, both men and women like Bernie Sanders more than Hillary Clinton. His net favorability rating is 13% with women and 18% with men.  Meanwhile,  Clinton's net unfavorability rating is 5% for women and 20% for men

Although blacks are only 13% of the population they are 33% of the victims of police killings. For latinos, who are 17% of the population, the police kill percentage is 12%.

When Jackie Robinson confronted a Trump like figure

Writing about the bully Donald Trump on Facebook, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich tells a fascinating story: "I have a particular relationship to bullies. When I was a kid - and a very short one at that - older boys used to threaten me, and sometimes beat me up. Occasionally I was protected from the bullies by kinder older boys, like Mickey Schwerner. Years later, in the summer of 1964, Mickey was trying to register voters in Mississippi when he and two other civil rights workers, Andrew Goodman and James Earl Chaney, were abducted, tortured, murdered, and buried in an earthen dam by members of the local White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, the Neshoba County Sheriff's Office, and the Philadelphia, Mississippi Police Department.  When I heard that the young man who had protected me from my bullies had himself been killed by truly monstrous bullies, my life forever changed."

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